Astrology or Science? When you were born affects your health?

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Like many of us, I've always walked a half serious line with my birth sign. While I thought daily horoscopes were a waste of time, I've half believed in zodiac signs. Maybe it was because I'm a "cusp," born on the edge of Taurus and Gemini, and it made me feel special. Or maybe because one of my younger sister's was born on my birthday, and we were both Geminis (the twins). But, when pressed by some of my more astrologically inclined friends, I had to give it some credence.

By my thinking, there must be some affect on when in the year you were born, just because of the environment around you. While I'm no expert in neo-natal development, it justed seemed logical to me that if, for example, two children were born in the Northern Hemisphere, one child was born in May, and the other was born in November, they'd develop differently if for no other reason than how different their environment was. The May baby would spend their first few months outside more often with their parents, while the November baby would stay inside more during the winter and get less sunlight. That would have some effect on their development.

Well, it appears that some scientists are working on this concept as well. They call it season of birth research. While it's not linked to astrology, but birthdate, it is interesting. See the following graphic and article from the Chicago Tribune for more info, including what tendencies you might have, depending on your birthday.

Born to be ill: Consider the season of your birth for what ails you


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