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A friend sent me a chain letter that was a summer recipe exchange. Some of you were included in this mailing. After thinking a while, I realized I don't have any summer recipes for food. It's all beverages for me, sun tea watermelon (which is practically a liquid), lemonade, and so on. So, to give back to the community, here's my favorite recipe.

Cold Beer
serves 1
1 - 12 oz bottle of warm beer - micro beer preferable
1 - stein glass - chilled
1 - bottle opener
1 - chair

Taking the beer in hand, use the bottle opener to gently remove the bottle cap from the neck of the bottle. Discard the cap or keep to make into a fridge magnet.

Holding the glass at an approximately 45 degree angle, slowly pour the beer down the interior wall of the glass, adjusting the angle as the glass fills to maximize the amount of beer in the glass. Do not fill to the top, as the beer will foam up, creating a 'head' on the top of the glass.

Let the beer sit for 2-3 minutes to allow it to cool. Use this time to settle into your favorite chair and allow your feet to raise. Once your are comfortably situated, serve the chilled beer.

This recipe may be doubled, but beyond that, make sure there is a lavatory nearby.

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