"Yes We Can" doesn't apply to driving like an @$$hole

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I've often maintained that driving in Chicago can be distilled down to one over-riding rule. Every driver assumes that every other driver is going to take their parking spot. My belief is reinforced by this article from the Huffington Post. A tan sedan tried to pass President-elect Barack Obama's motorcade this morning. They were immediately cut off and weapons were drawn on the speedster. Apparently, this driver felt he could ignore the police cars pulling over traffic, as well as the black SUVs and Limousines, it can't be as important as wherever he is trying to get to.

Maybe this is another unanticipated benefit of an Obama presidency, the driving laws might actually begin to be obeyed and enforced. Nevermind, I'm not that hopeful. Only so much can be changed so I'll stick to the CTA.

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