Sustainable Cleaning: the "miracle" water

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When I talk to people about sustainability, sometimes it seems like an unlikely goal. Finding solutions and lifestyles that are better for the environment, economically realistic and benefit the community seems quite difficult, and often a study in cross purposes.

Today, the LA Times published a short article that wonderfully illustrates a sustainable solution to harsh cleaning agents. By slightly electrifying salt water, two solutions are created that are completely non-toxic and highly effective cleaner \ degreaser and a highly effective disinfectant. It costs about one cent per gallon.

Read the article here: Simple Elixir Called a 'Miracle' Liquid

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A couple days ago I decided I would try cleaning with Baking Soda. I was making gluten free brownies (they turned out great, btw. Next time you come over ... we should make them.) Anyway, as I reached for the baking soda I thought, hey wait, why am I trying so hard to find a good non-harsh chemical kitchen and bathroom cleaner when I have this.

February 24, 2009 at 8:04 AM

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