Disney buys Marvel - the Crossover Edition

Posted by Bushel Basket

It's all over the internet today that Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment, which includes Marvel Comics. The fanboys are in a tizzy.

Just to get them out of my system, here are some of Disney\Marvel synergies I hope develop out of this deal:

1. Punisher \ Mickey Mouse crossover. I know that Punisher already had to deal with Archie and the Riverdale gang, but this just has to happen.

2. The Incredibles Vs. the Fantastic Four. I mean, c'mon, most of the Incredibles' powers are a rip off of the Fantastic Four anyway. Invisibility, the ability to stretch, a big strong guy, and a kid that catches on fire. Hell, if it wasn't for the super fast kid, they'd be carbon copies.

3. The Nutty Professor in Marvel continuity. Oh, for one superhero who's powers are based on flubber. Wait, the character is owned by Universal? Really? Damn. Fine, the dad from Honey I Shrunk the Kids, then.

4. Goofy Vs. Dr. Doom. Actually, there's no crossover potential here, just want to see Goofy get whacked.

5. Chip N Dale and Squirrel Girl porn. Disney isn't as pure at heart as you might think.

6. Namor vs. the Little Mermaid. There can be only one Atlantis....

7. The Runaways on the Disney channel. Oh, for a mind controlled velociraptor to be let loose on the set of Miley Cyrus' new tv show....

8. The Bambi movie in Marvel Zombies. Maybe now people would want his mom to be shot.

9. Animal vs. the Hulk. That's right, Disney owns the Muppets. Oh, the beautiful, beautiful carnage.

10. Winnie the Pooh and Tony Stark going on a bender. Honey and booze. They could both get drunk on mead. They also both seem to be fond of pots, be they honey pots or Pepper Potts.

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What about Kermit the Frog and the Incredible Hulk teaming up to sing "It ain't easy being green!"?

September 11, 2009 at 10:16 AM

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